There are many reasons to get portraits done. To reminiscence on who you used to be. To remember where you are in this moment. Or to celebrate where you’ll go in the future. Honestly, you don’t even have to have a reason. Let’s create art that commemorates YOU, without conditions, without reason. You are worthy of this investment and I would be thrilled to tell your story.

Self Love

Whether you want to get creative, editorial, or want to celebrate your body/outfit. These are just for you. Photos returned 1 month after session.

$300/ hour


YOU DID IT!! During this session we will show you off your personality and what makes you, well, you. Bring different outfits, props and/or ideas about what is meaningful to you in this year. Photos returned 1 month after session.

Packages begin at $300 / hour.


So much goes into your business. Let's convey the purpose and person behind it all. This is a conversational and collaborative piece where we aim to accurately reflect your brand's core values. Turnaround time varies according to depth of package.

Photo and video packages start at $700.